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Aluminum-plastic composite tube categories

Jan 05, 2017

Level, cosmetic tube is divided into single, double, five hose, respectively in terms of pressure Defense, impermeable and feel there is a difference between, such as five-story tube consists of outer, inner, two adhesive layers and another barrier. Double tube more commonly used, is middle of available single layer

Diameter, cosmetic tube diameter to 13#-60# multiple apertures, when a certain caliber of hose is selected, with different length labeled with different capacity characteristics, volume 3ml-360ml may be adjusted, beautiful and harmony, 60ml 35# the following calibers, 100ml, 150ml, usually with 35#-45# caliber, 150ml above the capacity more than needed 45# caliber.

Production process, round tube, oval tube, rectangular tube, Super flat tube is more common. Flat tube, Super flat tube is the new tube in recent years than other technology complex, so high in terms of price.

Hose cover shape, generally divided into flat lid, round head, high cover, lift the cover, ultra flat cover, double cover, bubble-CAP, lip balm Cap. Of course, in terms of specific production process or with gilt edges, silver lining, coating, electroplating and other.

Sealing, there are vertical stripes, twill and sealing, umbrella-type sealing, spotted tail, special sealing and, of course, we daily see the production date, basically appeared on the seal.

Color appearance, coloured tube, transparent, transparent matte, Pearl tube. In addition, there are matte and the light of the points, and Matt look elegant but dirty. Rear cut for white, is a large area printed tubes, with high ink, or easily fall off and fold cracking and exposing the white marks.