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Innovation of aluminum-plastic composite hose package structure

Jan 05, 2017

Repeatable sealing performance

Packaging increases the pressure right zippers, "sliding" zippers, and nozzles to keep contents fresh and convenient re-sealable sealing after consumers open. Soft bags can easily increase convenience or functional design elements, this flexibility is changing and affecting the trend of soft packaging design.

Suction nozzle

Nozzles are consumers familiar with the characteristics of a package. Now, consumers are showing very much willing to try this new type of packaging, it is well known that for any new products, new packaging is very important.

Round bar packaging

At present, a novel thin-shaped packaging began to flow into the North American market, this package is also known as "rod packing." Due to this innovative packaging provides more convenience to consumers, but also to better positioning on higher value-added products, gained the favor of various types of consumer goods companies.