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AMYPT Service

Jan 05, 2017

Unquestionable, pharmaceutical compound tubes of primary function is protection of contents. Pharmaceutical composition of composite hoses add microbes grow and reproduce the material you want, such as glycerol, protein, and medical composite hose after microbial contamination, stink, deterioration and mold, product quality, moisture and oxygen are the factors affecting microbial growth. Most pharmaceutical compound tubes containing oil components, fats unsaturated bonds was prone to deterioration caused by oxidation (rancidity), and oxidation is a reaction, as long as there is a small number of starting oxide, can cause oils full bad while producing peroxides, skin irritating substances such as acids, aldehydes, and produce rancid odor. Oxygen is the major external cause of Rancidity, no it won't oxidize and cause rancid oxygen, increases in water, can also cause the hydrolysis of fats and can accelerate the oxidation reaction, and water for organisms to provide a living environment and reduce the activity of certain antioxidants. Aroma gas saving is the focus of pharmaceutical flexible packaging, cosmetics, aroma gas itself is the real "product", if fragrant gases lost, you really sell "products" will disappear. For cosmetics, to prevent loss of smell has an extremely important significance.

Visible, anticorrosive, antioxidant and prevents loss of smell is the focus of cosmetics to save, you need following detection of cosmetics packaging: gas permeable packaging materials of speed, the gas content in the packaging, as well as the integrity of the packaging, packaging materials for barrier, HeadSpace analysis within the packaging and sealing of the packaging.