Plastic Laminated Tube

Our tube includes full plastic tube and laminate tube, full plastic tube has 2 layers and 5 layers, different materials can meet the needs of customers, our quality is good and cooperate with well-known brands, if you are looking for a new factory, we will be your best choice!

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These Plastic Laminated Tubes are made of high quality imported PE and aluminum foil, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. These materials have better printability. We use advanced printing equipment and high quality ink to make your tubes' exterior appearance exquisite with great presentation. The Plastic Laminated Tube has excellent barrier performance and is a cost-effective solution. It can block ultraviolet, moisture and oxygen, and extend the shelf life of products. Our factory has advanced equipment and experienced designers, we can guarantee the quality of our plastic tube is superior.


Our laminated tubes have consistent quality and performance reliability. These Plastic Laminated Tubes don't crease after being squeezed, and can regain their original shape. Their smooth, flexible and soft exterior provides excellent sealing and enables high filling line speed during packaging process. In addition, we have a variety of shapes for customers to choose, such as flat tube, round tube, elliptical tube and so on. Our products have a broad market in the cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, hotel industry, catering services and other fields.

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Our tubes include full plastic tubes and laminate tubes. Full plastic tubes have 2 layers and 5 layers, and we can offer different materials to meet the needs of customers. We  cooperate with well-known brands as our quality is superior. Now,if you are looking for a new factory, we will be your best choice!