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Analysis Of Technical Application Of Laminated Tube

Oct 26, 2017

Epoxy resin is a kind of macromolecule compound which contains 2 or more epoxy-ch-ch in the formula. Because epoxy resins and hydroxyl groups are found in the molecular structure, they have strong reactivity and adhesion. Epoxy resin curing is a ring-open ring crosslinking, belonging to the addition polymerization reaction, in theory, its curing process without water and low molecular substance production. Phenolic resin is a phenol-like substance (most commonly used phenol) and formaldehyde condensation, and its curing process is the molecular hydroxyl methyl desorption of a water molecule with secondary methyl bonding, belongs to polycondensation reaction.Laminated Tube

As the phenolic resin synthesis process is a complex reaction process, the polymers contain a considerable proportion of the reactive phenols and aldehydes (called free phenol and free aldehyde) and some low-molecular-weight compounds. These components are not involved in the curing process of phenolic resin, and the condensation of the solidification process of water, are released, which are called volatile. The volatile part has a great negative effect on the performance of CCL, especially when the copper clad laminate is in hot state or solder treatment, it will produce the base material delamination or the copper foil bubble, graduation and other serious quality accidents.Laminated Tube

In the lamination process, the application of higher pressure, so that melt adhesives more infiltration into the reinforcement material fiber, but also the residual fiber between the gas, moisture and adhesives on volatile components and resin curing process condensed out of water vapor.Laminated Tube 

Because phenolic resins contain more volatile, the curing process and water production, so the need to use higher pressure when laminating. Generally, epoxy fiberglass clad laminate presses the unit area pressure at 4.5-6mpa, and phenolic paper base copper clad laminate pressure needs 10-12mpa, to try to remove or compress the volatile, so that the substrate has a close bonding between the layers, so that it does not exist holes, air gap, so that product mechanical properties, Electrical performance and PCB process performance is guaranteed.Laminated Tube