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Balanced Operation Of The Tube

Oct 12, 2017

Continuous tubing drilling technology is a rapid development of drilling technology in recent years abroad, is considered a 21st century oil and gas drilling a revolutionary new technology, set off a new wave of safe drilling method; is the use of drilling methods and methods to improve oil and gas mining The new way of yield.Tube Continuous tubing drilling technology with no joints, no diameter, bending large, dynamic sealing and strength, high pressure, small size and so on. The main equipment includes: coiled tubing device, downhole tool instrument and circulating sand removal device three parts. Continuous tubing drilling technology provides safe, advanced and effective technical means for short radius, large displacement, multi-lateral horizontal drilling, and underbalanced borehole drilling.Tube

The use of coiled tubing can safely carry out underbalanced drilling operations, reduce mud loss and prevent formation damage. During the drilling process can continue to cycle mud, reduce the drilling time and operating cycle, to improve the drilling speed and operating safety. Coiled tubing can be built-in cable to improve the signal along with the drill, to achieve complete logging while drilling, is conducive to achieving closed-loop drilling. Less ground equipment, less cuttings waste, low noise, small amount of dirt spill, reducing environmental pollution. Soft formation Rapid drilling (without taking over) Minimal erosion of the formation, with good logging quality (continuous, unattached). Equipped with good mobility, easy installation and removal, saving time, high security. Due to the small footprint of the well site, coiled tubing drilling technology is suitable for areas with restricted ground conditions.Tube

Technically speaking, coiled tubing drilling is particularly suitable for small borehole drilling, easy to improve the level of drilling automation, reducing the demand for equipment and manpower, reducing operating costs. Section of the larger ventilation pipe to be installed in a reasonable form of deflector, to reduce the effect of local resistance. For the variable diameter of the pipe tube, should be used for a certain length of the shrink tube or involute tube. For the three links or four links can be set diversion partitions.Tube