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Construction Technology Of Laminated Tube

Jun 16, 2017

    Epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminated tube is made of non-alkali glass fiber cloth as the base material, epoxy phenolic resin as a binder heating baking and curing from the curling products, with high mechanical strength, high Wet electrical performance and good stability, suitable for mechanical, electrical and electronic products. Epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminated pipe technical requirements epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminated tube appearance surface should be flat, not allowed to have layers, foam, but allowed to have no more than the thickness of the wall to allow the slight deviation of the wrinkles and processing traces. The inner wall allows for slight wrinkles. Both ends should be cut neatly.Laminated Tube  Laminated products can be processed into a variety of insulation and structural components, widely used in motors, transformers, high and low voltage electrical appliances, electrical instruments and electronic equipment. The laminate may be a plate, a tube, a bar or other shape. With the development of the electrical industry, high insulation. High strength, high temperature and adapt to a variety of use of laminated plastic products have emerged. Printed copper clad laminates for printed circuits are also rapidly evolving due to the needs of the electronics industry. China's electrical and electronic laminates are gradually developed after the liberation. China's thermosetting laminated products have formed a relatively complete series.Laminated Tube  The performance of the laminate depends on the substrate and the binder and the molding process. According to its composition, characteristics and heat resistance, laminated products can be divided into the following two.(1) organic substrate laminates - wood pulp insulation paper, cotton fiber paper, cotton, etc. as a reinforcing material. Long-term use of up to 120 ℃ temperature, but also the development of synthetic fiber products for the enhanced material.(2) inorganic substrate laminates - inorganic glass fiber cloth, non-alkali glass fiber felt as a reinforcing material. Long-term use of the temperature of 130 ~ 180 ℃, even up to higher temperatures, with the adhesive resin varies.Laminated plastic products are divided into laminates, laminates, laminated rods and molded laminates by shape and use. Printed circuit with copper clad laminate and capacitive sleeve for high voltage electrical appliances such as adhesive tape die tube, is two special types of laminated plastic products.Laminated Tube