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Trending in Tubes

Jan 05, 2017

According to a report from Markets and Markets, the value of the tube packaging market is expected to grow from $6.65 billion in 2016 to an estimated $9.3 billion by 2021 (+6.9% CAGR). The report points to the cosmetics and oral care segment as the dominant tube venue and projects it to be the fastest-growing end-user sector in the next five years, as a result of the increasing demand for innovative packaging in various industries–a key market driver for tube packaging. Among the trends set to influence the growth is the increasing cosmetics industry demand for tubes that protect against bacteria, as well as tubes that help improve product shelf-life. That said, laminated tubes are projected to grow at the highest CAGR over the next three years, due to their barrier protection qualities.

One of the latest tube projects from Evansville, IN-based Berry Plastics is a laminate tube that met the high environmental standards of Burt’s Bees. Included in the personal care brand’s pet care line extension, Burt’s Bees Fetch…For Pets!, the tube for Paw & Nose Relieving Lotion for Dogs is comprised of 60% post-consumer resin in the sleeve and shoulder (excluding the closure). “Because we are vertically integrated, we were able to produce every step of the final product, from the extruded sheet to printing,” comments the company’s Amy Waterman, global marketing communications manager.

Essel Propack, Danville, VA, invested in new tooling to manufacture a 60mm laminate tube for Unilever’s AXE brand body wash that was launched in February. The large diameter tube is topped with a 58mm diameter cap, which Essel Propack produced in-house. “This was an exciting project because it offers simple bottle to tube conversation due to the large filling capacity,” says Sydney Owen, marketing coordinator. After producing the tubes, Essel used hot/cold foil effects and a matte varnish to complete the brand’s desired look.

Plastic and Metal Details

The appeal of metal continues to be a hit in the tube realm, and tubes that combine the flexibility of plastic with the flash and shelf appeal of metal accents embody the best of both worlds. “The trend is for shiny tubes with metallic effects and intricate designs, for beautiful tubes that stand out on shelf, while at the same time preserving more delicate formulations,” observes Dorothée de Courson, marketing director, Albéa Tubes. “These new aesthetic codes help beauty brands expand their seasonal collections and limited editions by providing pioneering, top-quality, personalized products in very short time frames, helping them stand out from the competition.”

Viva IML Tubes, Toronto, Canada, continues to innovate on its premise of 100% recyclable PP tubes with 100% tube surface decoration produced with up to 35% less energy, extending the principle to flat and round oval tubes, airless pump tubes and dual chamber tubes. The company recently worked with Martino By Martino Cartier on a 163ml tube for its Volume Serum hair product. “The brand wanted something that would pop and yet convey the premium aspect of this high-end hair care salon brand for celebrities,” says Bruno Lebeault, marketing director North America. “We used our diamond hologram substrate that we covered with a translucent yellow to get a golden holographic 3D effect on both the logo (a lion’s head) and the top and bottom of the tube. The rest of the tube was covered in black to get a good contrast and a premium feel.”

An elegantly tall and skinny tube was the preference for FIXMD’s Detoxify environmental skin cleanser, and the brand realized its packaging goals with Kent, WA-based Express Tubes Inc., which paired a customized tube resin color with hot stamp printing and flashy foil accents. The product fill was 3.7oz so Express Tubes selected a 35x155 sized tube to create the brand’s desired luxury appearance.