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Introduction Of Material Tube

Sep 07, 2017

     The conveying pipe is composed of straight pipe, elbow pipe, cone tube, hose and pipe, and the structure is complex, especially the large part of the bend is space bending, making it more difficult. Fig. 7-47 is a schematic diagram of the conveying pipe of the pump truck, in which the concrete has serious abrasion in the pipe wall of the conveying material. In order to improve the wear resistance and strength, prolong the service life, can be taken to increase the bending wall thickness, internal wall quenching, external wall reinforcement methods, or the selection of high strength, good wear resistance of low alloy seamless steel tube manufacturing, can reduce the wall thickness of the pipeline.Tube
      The hose is installed at the outlet of the end of the conveying pipe to enlarge the range of the cloth without changing the unknown arm. The hose is divided into two kinds of high-pressure pipe and low pressure pipe. High pressure steel wire and rubber, can withstand higher pressure; The flow resistance of the hose to concrete is large, the general situation should not be too long. The pipe is connected with the pipeline, the type is more. A double semicircle tube card with two semicircular caps and bolts with inner grooves. Tube
     Nuts, pins and rubber bands. Installation, the rubber band pressure at the joints of the two pipe flanges, with the upper and lower semicircular cover clamped two tube connection flange, one side inserted top, the other side with bolts, nuts locked. is the double cover quick Tube card, the difference is uses the eccentric lever to hold the upper and lower lid pressure to lock, the disassembly convenient, the structure is also simple, may use in the transportation pressure big pipeline.Tube
      The development and application of modified MPP pipe materials provide a foundation for the technological revolution of modern plastic pipe industry. MPP pipe material using modified polypropylene as the main raw materials, is not a large number of dredging, excavation and destruction of road surface, in roads, railways, buildings, river bed and other special areas of laying pipelines, cables and other construction projects. Tube
      Compared with the traditional "trench-burying Method", trenchless Power Pipe Engineering to adapt to the current environmental requirements, in addition to the traditional construction caused by dust, traffic congestion and other disturbing factors, this technology can not be carried out in some areas of excavation operation of the pipeline, such as monument reserves, downtown, crops and farmland reserves, highways , Rivers and so on.Tube