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Introduction To The Characteristics And Development Of Laminated Tube

Jul 01, 2017

     Laminating process refers to the impregnation or coated with resin laminated sheet, under the condition of heating and pressurizing, curing molded glass fiber reinforced plastic products of a molding process. Originated in the 30 's, currently in aviation, aerospace, automobiles, ships, telecommunications and other industries widely used. Laminated forming process products have become one of the indispensable engineering materials. Can be processed into a variety of insulating parts, widely used in transformers, electric vehicles, cabinets, control boxes, medical equipment and so on. Laminated products are two layers or multi-layer impregnated with resin fiber or fabric by folding, hot-pressing combined into the whole.Laminated Tube
    Laminate: Includes laminated cardboard, cloth board, glass cloth plate and deposited copper foil laminate. Shan laminated paperboard: By the insulation paper dipped in synthetic resin adhesive by hot pressing. It has good dielectric properties, mechanical properties and machining properties, and is suitable for all kinds of insulating structural parts in electrical equipment. Shan Laminated Cloth PLATE: From cotton cloth dipped in synthetic resin adhesive by hot pressing. With good mechanical processing performance, its hardness, cleavage and impact strength than cardboard, but the electrical performance is not as laminated cardboard, the same use and laminated cardboard. Shan Laminated Glass cloth Plate: From the alkali-free glass cloth dipped in different synthetic resin by hot pressing. Its mechanical properties, heat resistance, water resistance than laminated cardboard, cloth board high, but the bonding strength is slightly worse. Uses the same as laminated cardboard. Shan deposited copper Foil laminate: By the alkali-free glass cloth or cotton fiber paper impregnated phenolic resin or epoxy phenolic resin as the substrate, and on the substrate side or both sides deposited to electrolytic copper foil, and then by hot pressing. It has good mechanical and dielectric properties as well as high peel strength. A printed circuit board used primarily as an electronic instrument and equipment.Laminated Tube
    With the development of the electrical industry, high insulation, high-strength, high-temperature resistance and adapt to a variety of use of the environment laminated plastic products appear successively. The copper clad laminate for printed circuit is also developing rapidly because of the need of electronic industry. China's electrical and electronic laminated products are gradually developed after liberation. The thermosetting layer of our country has formed a relatively complete series.Laminated Tube