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Introduction To The Production Process Of Laminated Tube

Sep 18, 2017

     Epoxy resin laminated plastics impregnated with epoxy resin are widely used in the field of electrical and mechanical equipment because of their obvious advantages and become an important part of epoxy resin application. Experts said that this product is more and more highly valued in the industry.Laminated Tube

     Experts said: Epoxy resin laminated plastic has significant advantages. Because of this, epoxy resin laminated plastic applications are increasingly widespread, the industry attaches great importance to the warm welcome downstream. Epoxy resin laminated plastic is a substrate impregnated epoxy resin adhesive, drying to obtain epoxy resin, and then by the related process made of laminated products, electronics, electrical applications are more extensive.Laminated Tube

     Epoxy laminated plastics are used in electrical and mechanical equipment for the obvious advantages, according to experts, mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, can improve the motor, electrical heat resistance, anti-vibration and mechanical strength, can achieve B, f class insulation or electrical insulation and mechanical load requirements; second, has a high UV resistance, the ability to withstand atomic radiation, For outdoor high-voltage electrical appliances and      Atomic radiation operation of electrical equipment, devices for insulating structural components; third, in the high-voltage, large current switch and require fire, explosion-proof electrical devices, can be used for flame-retardant or arc-resistant insulation components; Four is high strength, low density, vibration absorption, fatigue resistance and wear resistance, can reduce noise, smooth operation.Laminated Tube

    The epoxy laminated tube and the laminated rod are manufactured by the dry-process hot Shan molding process. The adhesive tape is the same as the laminate tape. However, because the volume pressure is less than the laminating pressure, and after the roll after the solidification has been unloaded, so the adhesive tape requirements, soluble resin content and volatile content slightly higher.Laminated Tube