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Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Packaging

Jul 28, 2017

            The company's products include: pipe diameter from the 16mm-60mm of a variety of hoses; the length of the tube body can be adjusted according to the capacity between the 3g-500g; the hose material has a single layer. Double layer, multi-layer and other varieties and is divided into transparent tube. White tube. Round Tubes-oval (shut tube) hoses, with rounded heads, flat-nosed, pointed, clamshell, metal caps and many other types of lids; special needs such as matte, bronzing, screen printing and other special needs can be customized according to customer's requirements.

            ¢ 16.19 Hose Diameter series hose suitable for eye cream, lip balm and other cosmetics packaging, or eye cream, such as cream packaging, the series of small and exquisite hose, commonly used as gifts or trial installed products, customers can choose white tube, color tube, pearl tube, transparent tube and other styles.

            ¢22, 25 pipe diameter series of hose generally applicable to sunscreen, skin cream, essence, foundation liquid, emulsion and other cosmetic products packaging, the series of flexible hose, can be used as a gift or trial loading products.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic

            ¢30, 35 pipe diameter series of hose is suitable for sunscreen, cleansing milk, skin cream, foundation liquid, hand cream and other cosmetic products packaging, the series of hose capacity is moderate.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic

            ¢40, 45 pipe diameter series of hose is generally applicable to the cleansing of milk, facial mask, lubricants, hand-washing liquid products such as packaging.Laminated Tube

            ¢50, 55, 60 pipe Diameter series hose is more applicable to the packaging of baked ointment, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, massage cream and other products.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic