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Oval Cosmetic Packaging Tube Application Of Common Sense

May 18, 2017

The Oval cosmetic packaging tube has the characteristics of light quality, easy to carry, sturdy and durable, recyclable, easy to squeeze, processing performance and printing adaptability and so on, by many cosmetic manufacturers of all ages, widely used in cleansing products (facial cleanser, etc.), skincare (all kinds of eye cream, moisturizer, nutritional cream, creams and sunscreen, etc.) and hairdressing supplies (shampoo, hair conditioner, lipstick, etc.) in the packaging of cosmetics.

One, oval cosmetic packaging tube commonly used plastic hose and its characteristics

At present, the plastic hose used in cosmetics packaging mainly include aluminum-plastic composite hose, plastic composite hose and plastic extrusion hose, they can meet the various needs of cosmetic packaging, such as hygiene, barrier and so on.

1. Oval Cosmetic Packaging Tube Aluminum-plastic composite hose

Oval Cosmetic Packaging Tube Aluminum-plastic composite hose is aluminum foil, plastic film through the coextrusion composite process of sheet metal, and then by the special tube processing machine into a tubular packaging containers, its typical structure is PE/PE+EAA/AL/PE+EAA/PE. Aluminum-plastic composite hose is mainly used for packaging of sanitary, barrier requirements of the high cosmetic, the barrier layer is generally aluminum foil, and its barrier depends on the pinhole degree of aluminum foil. With the continuous improvement of technology, aluminum-plastic composite hose in the thickness of aluminum foil barrier layer has been reduced by the traditional 40 μ m to 12 μm, even 9 μm, greatly saves resources. Aluminum-plastic composite hose in the process of use has the following advantages.

(1), Oval Cosmetic Packaging Tube high barrier properties, aluminum foil has a light resistance, oxygen resistance and water resistance, such as barrier performance, on the one hand, can prevent external substances into the cosmetics inside, to prevent the oxidation deterioration of cosmetics, but also can prevent the moisture or flavor components from the spread of the hose through the outside, so as to ensure the quality of

(2) Oval Cosmetic Packaging Tube Low cost. To achieve the same barrier properties, aluminum-plastic composite hose than all plastic pipe and plastic extrusion hose with less materials, low cost, more economical.

2.Oval Cosmetic Packaging Tube Full Plastic composite Hose

Oval Cosmetic Packaging Tube All plastic composite hose is composed of plastic components, divided into all plastic non-barrier composite hose and plastic barrier composite hose two. All plastic non-barrier composite hose is generally used for low-speed consumption of cosmetics packaging; plastic barrier composite hose due to the existence of side joints, usually used in the middle and low cosmetic packaging, barrier layer can be containing EVOH, PVDC, oxide coatings, such as pet multilayer composites. The typical structure of all plastic barrier composite hose is PE/PE/EVOH/PE/PE.