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Part Pressure Of Plastic Lamination Pipe Of Offset Printing Tube

Sep 27, 2017

     Offsctdruckereien printing is characterized by the use of indirect elastomer unique printing methods, Letterpress printing is a printing plate directly and paper contact printing, Offsctdruckereien printing graphics and text conversion is a positive image of the image of the film and laser printer output of sulfuric acid paper, after the imposition, the print version of the PS version presents a positive image, The positive on the plate is transferred to the indirect elastomer blanket to show the image.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube

     Rubber Drum v ink layer graphics and text, in the role of Nano-imprint lithography roller printing to the paper as a positive image. Therefore, it is indicated that the pressure between the three rollers must be in the gap between the rollers, so that they add more than the thickness of this gap, forming the deformation of the elastomer, which is the source of offset pressure, that is, rubber drum lining compression deformation value required for a force.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube

    The main pressure components and transmission parts of the printing press are deformed, which affects the working life of the parts. Compared with normal pressure and friction conditions, it accelerates the wear of plates. Imprinted dot is easy to enlarge, the printing level is not clear, and the durability of the blanket is affected.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube

     Printing pressure, will reduce the printing plate resistance. Because the machine load increases, the power consumption also will be many. When the printing pressure is too small, it will appear: the transfer of printed graphics and text is not complete. Dot is not real, color gray light. To make the printing plate, lining, paper and printing presses, and other defects and problems more revealing.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube

    To pay attention to, easily increase or decrease the rubber drum lining thickness, often will cause the diameter of the drum changes, resulting in the circumference of the speed of the unequal, the results will inevitably lead to dot deformation and overprinter inaccurate, make bad or even produce "ink" phenomenon. Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube

   There are two main ways to adjust the pressure between rollers: Adjust the center distance between the rollers, thicken and reduce the printing plate and blanket under the backing sheet. In the present situation of our country, most printing plants and operators are willing to choose the latter to meet the requirements of embossing.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube