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Performance Of Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube

Aug 18, 2017

      Hose printing refers to the use of elastic rubber layer transfer image of the principle of the hose to print the way. Hose containers According to the different materials used are mainly metal hose, plastic hose, laminated composite hose and blow molding hose, such as four kinds. Various hoses have different manufacturing methods because of the different materials used. The following is an example of a metal hose to illustrate the main manufacturing process and equipment.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube
     Metal Hose printing machine refers to the metal (aluminum) hose as the main product of the printing press. Because the aluminum hose has the quality light, non-polluting, the price is relatively stable, is suitable for the high speed mass production and so on the characteristic, therefore has obtained the more widespread application. Aluminum hose with aluminum core as base material during manufacturing process. Annealing treatment. Because aluminum is different from tin and zinc, it is easy to produce hardening in extrusion process, so the surface hardening layer should be softened by annealing process, and the residual stress can be eliminated, so that the tissue Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube
     The crystallization particles normalize.Annealing treatment in the annealing furnace, treatment conditions according to the size of the hose reasonable to determine, but must be heated to the softening point of the metal, generally temperature control in the 450~700℃ range, heating to slow cooling. Painting. The cooking pipe can be coated after annealing. The coating generally includes the interior surface coating and the bottom coating two parts, the inner surface coating. In order to improve the internal loading of aluminum hose, the inner surface of the hose should be coated, the main purpose of which is to prevent the corrosion of aluminum due to contact with the inside, on the other hand, can also prevent the internal loading because of the direct contact with aluminum material deterioration. Therefore, the internal surface should have a drug resistance character, the paint should also have adhesion and wear resistance.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube
     Bottom coating. The bottom coating is mainly to form a hose printing background and the use of coating method, the paint used is generally white or color paint. The bottom coating should have softness, light resistance and adhesion of printing inks. The coatings used in the bottom coating generally have denatured alkyd, denatured epoxy and epoxy resin.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube