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Polyfoil Tube Processing

Jun 07, 2017

    Rigid waterproof casing and flexible waterproof casing, mainly used Q235 steel plate manufacturing, generally used in the chemical sink is used when the 304 stainless steel, in the sea water pipe or other high corrosive pipeline is used in 316L material waterproof casing with Corrosion resistant rubber seals.Polyfoil Tube

    The waterproof casing is a building embedded product that is gradually popular in the construction work after the 1970s. When the concrete is poured, the waterproof casing and the steel skeleton are welded together in the proper position together with the pouring of concrete Body of the main project, so that the convenience of the late construction and laying of the pipeline, the general post-construction is in the wall re-perforation of the laying of pipes or cables, so that not only cost the time also destroyed the main structure of the wall. The use of waterproof casing as early in advance can avoid these late problems.Polyfoil Tube

    Now the general use of the PVC pipe laying the majority of the pipeline, this pipe has a good anti-corrosion effect, and gradually replace the cast iron pipe. This polyethylene pipe is not only resistant to corrosion but also has a good health effect, improve the drinking water standards, winter frost resistance is better.

    But the polyethylene pipe compared to the shortcomings of the shortcomings of the cast iron pipe, the general impact can destroy the pipeline, this pipe in the construction process can not be directly poured in the wall, compared to the steel pipe pressure polyethylene Pipeline pressure is poor, the foundation of a small deformation or sinking can cause the pipeline rupture, only this pipe aging instability is generally different manufacturers of pipe life is not the same. The use of waterproof taps in the floor can be a good solution to these problems, can withstand the wall for the pipeline to protect the internal pressure of the polyethylene pipe. But in the external polyethylene pipe accident rupture time can be a good disassembly pipeline, easy repair pipeline.Polyfoil Tube

    According to the standard atlas can be divided into: GB and non-standard. GB type waterproof casing is completely in accordance with the Ministry of Construction-related 02S404 or 02S312 standard set of materials and production, the flange thickness, wing ring thickness, diameter and thickness have strict requirements. Non-standard is in the shape and approximate structure in line with the standard Atlas, the choice of the flange thickness, wing ring thickness, diameter and thickness that relax requirements, strictly speaking, these are substandard products, of course, must The extent of the relaxation of the standard will not affect the use, but excessive relaxation of the standard will affect the use of performance.Polyfoil Tube