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Press-plastic Technology Of Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube

Oct 26, 2017

In recent years, the molding process has been applied to thermosetting mixtures such as urea-formaldehyde plastics, phenolic resins, epoxy resins, melamine resins and rubber. Although some materials can be injected into the molding, the use of the molding process is still very common. Die-casting material is more flexible than plastic material.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube 

Many thermosetting materials have a high punching level (1.0ft lb) and good notch impact strength, which flows only under extreme pressure.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube

The obvious advantage of thermosetting materials is that the system is simple. Placing the material into a heated cavity and holding it to the required time of the group. Because of the simple process, less cost. The additive and the reinforcing agent have no rules and can get better strength. Because no gate and runner, no waste of materials, mold almost no maintenance. The uniformity of the parts is good, without casting and flow marks, reducing the cost of decoration.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube

Equipment: Simple is also the main characteristics of the pressure molding equipment. The two halves are joined together, heated, pressurized, and made into predetermined shapes. Most of the molding process is hydraulically operated; The upper and lower plates are moved up and down Under pressure on the 4-corner column. According to the size of the pressure plastic equipment, the pressure is generally 20-1000 tons. The size of the platen is generally 8 inches 2 to 5 ft 2. In the feeding and curing after the release of different degrees of automation, commonly used in the most modern hydraulic press. The previous simple system has temperature control, pressure control, stop pressure control and time control. Modern equipment uses more advanced microprocessor control. For thinner products, a heating cylinder or a belt heater can be used in the board.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube

For the deep workpiece, it needs to be heated by a cylindrical electric heater, a steam heating or a hot oil system. There are several types of heating systems used in the plastic press: steam Heating mold temperature uniformity, but the heating temperature is limited to the 350°f, sleeve heating or other heating (heating coil, plus tropical, etc.) is relatively clean, easy to maintain, used more widely; Hot oil heating, because the heating medium circulation stable, so heating evenly. Now there are many new heating methods, hot water heating, similar to hot oil heating, heating medium one water gas combustion continuous cycle, can provide a higher pressure plastic temperature.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube