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Structure Analysis Of Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube

Sep 07, 2017

     Structure tube, this standard applies to general structure, mechanical structure with seamless steel tube, the standard of fluid seamless steel tube is suitable for conveying fluid of general seamless steel tube. Liaocheng di Yue Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. supply structure seamless steel pipe. The main difference between it and the seamless steel tube is the hydraulic test by root of the seamless steel tube and the ultrasonic, eddy current and magnetic flux leakage detection. Therefore, in the pressure pipe steel pipe standard selection, should not use the fluid seamless steel tube.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube
     Seamless steel Tube expression method for the outside diameter, wall thickness, thick wall seamless steel tubes are mainly used for machining, coal, hydraulic steel, and many other uses. Thick wall seamless steel tube material divides into #, $number, $number, $number 16Mn, 27SiMn, 12cr1mov, 10crmo910, 15CrMo, 35CrMo and so on. Thick-walled seamless steel pipe classification-hot-rolled thick-walled seamless steel tube, cold-rolled thick wall seamless steel tube, cold-drawn thick wall seamless steel tube, extruded thick wall seamless steel pipe, top tube. Structural stainless steel Seamless pipe (gb/t14975-1994) is widely used in chemical, petroleum, textile, medical, food, machinery and other industries corrosion-resistant piping and structural parts and components of stainless steel made of hot-rolled (extrusion, expansion) and cold (rolling) seamless steel tube.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube
     From the view of mechanism, it is generally believed that the nonmetallic inclusions in the tube will destroy the continuity and compactness of the $number structural steel pipe, and the serious inclusions may even produce delamination phenomenon in the $number structure steel pipe. Another thought is hydrogen-induced crack, that is, due to the hydrogen accumulation in the steel caused by the metal internal gas pressure is too high, in the round tube billet formation of white spots, during the rolling process of crack propagation, eventually forming a layered defect. In addition, the stress caused by uneven deformation of the two-roll skew rolling is higher than that of the plastic strength, and in the strict condition of smelting control, the third kind of situation is more, and the control measure is.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube
     Improve the cleanliness of molten steel, reduce the harmful inclusions, increase the ratio of equiaxed grains, reduce center segregation and center looseness, and adopt reasonable cooling system to avoid internal cracks inside the slab, and to reduce internal stress by adopting the slow cooling process of the cast billet or continuous rolling billet to ensure the $number of the Tube billet and finished product. The microstructure and mechanical properties of structural steel pipe meet the technical standard requirements.Offset Printing Tubes Plastic Laminated Tube