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Technical Progress Of Oval Cosmetic Packaging Tube

Sep 07, 2017

      The new CAP positioning technology has been applied to all Saesa-2000 and Saesa -2000s hose production equipment. It is a successful way to enter the cosmetic/personal care products market by ensuring that closures are perfectly opened and that the precise registration of the body's printed pattern. The new technology can not only do this, but also the production speed can reach 160 per minute, the diameter of the hose can be produced in a single. 7mm to 50mm, with a length of 45mm to 200mm.Oval Cosmetic Packaging Tube
      The anti-theft pull ring cover, the penetration cover, and the buckle cover can be accurately positioned by aligning the injection mould mark on the cap with the reference mark of the composite hose surface prepress. If the hose has a shoulder or cap for a special shape, the pre-printed markings can also be aligned.Oval Cosmetic Packaging Tube
      Aluminum-plastic composite hose is made of aluminum foil, plastic film through coextrusion composite process to make sheet, and then by a special pipe machine processing into a tube-like packaging container, its typical structure is pe/pe+eaa/al/pe+eaa/pe. Aluminum-plastic composite hose is mainly used in packaging for hygiene, barrier requirements of cosmetics, the barrier layer is generally aluminum foil, and its barrier depends on the pinhole degree of aluminum foil. With the continuous improvement of technology, aluminum-plastic composite hose foil barrier layer thickness has been reduced from traditional 40μm to 12μm, and even 9μm, greatly saving resources. Environmental protection. Oval Cosmetic Packaging Tube
      Compared with the aluminum-plastic composite hose, the full plastic composite hose adopts the economical and recyclable plastic sheet, which can reduce the environmental pollution of the packaging waste, and the recycled plastic composite hose can produce relatively low-grade products after reprocessing.Oval Cosmetic Packaging Tube
      Color diversification. According to the characteristics of cosmetics and different consumer needs, plastic composite hose can be made into different colors, such as colorless transparent, color transparent, color opaque, etc., to the consumer to bring a strong visual enjoyment. Oval Cosmetic Packaging Tube
      In particular, transparent plastic composite hose, can clearly see the color of the content of the state, giving people a strong visual impact, greatly promote the desire to buy consumers. Plastic composite hose with better resilience, to ensure that after the squeeze of cosmetics, hose can quickly revert to the original form, always maintain a graceful, regular appearance. This is essential for cosmetic packaging.Oval Cosmetic Packaging Tube