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The Difference Between A Solar-powered Common Tube And Three Executives

Jul 28, 2017

              The difference between the three high "solar core" vacuum tube and the common tube is that the endothermic film layer is different (the heat absorbing film is the key part of the vacuum tube). Three executives are interference films, ordinary tube is a gradual film. The difference between them is mainly the difference between the interference film and the gradient film.

               1, the fundamental difference: the structure of the film is different, resulting in the absorption of sun rays of the principle is not the same. Gradient film, multilayer film, the absorption layer is generally 9 layers, it to the sun is layered absorption of light, and its absorption of light properties gradually become higher. Because of this gradient structure, the emissivity ratio increases with increasing temperature, so that the emissivity of the working temperature is increased greatly when 300~500℃. and the absorption layer of aluminum ions in the high temperature state, the liveliness greatly enhanced, and the drift. In this way, the internal structure of the membrane has been disordered, resulting in the aging of the membrane layer. In this high-temperature state, the membrane layer will fall off, thus affecting the thermal efficiency and life of the vacuum tube.

              Interference film, the absorption layer of 2 layers, between the two layers of film, because of the different proportions of metal composition and interference, so that the absorption ratio increased, emission ratio decreased. In addition, the reduction of the reverse layer to reduce the effect of reflection, so as to achieve a higher absorption ratio and lower emissivity ratio, greatly improve the set thermal efficiency.Tube

              2. Characteristics: The absorption ratio of the three executives increased by 12%, the emission ratio decreased by 30%-40%, the super absorption, the heat loss, the heating up quickly. High-efficiency tube, super absorption, heat efficiency, heating up quickly, in the same light conditions, more than ordinary tubes can produce more higher water temperature of the heat; cold pipe, because the copper ion emission than aluminum ions lower 0.2, therefore, the heat loss is very low, in the cold environment can still work normally, -30℃ as usual out of hot water; high temperature special effect tube, because of the film layer of stainless steel ions high temperature resistance, air drying, film layer in 400 ℃ conditions without aging, no attenuation, no discoloration.

              Under the same light conditions, ordinary tube heat absorption is not as high as three senior executives, even can not meet the bathing requirements; at low temperature, the heat loss is greater, the collector's thermal efficiency decreases, and the normal use is affected. Especially in the air drying more than 270 ℃, the membrane layer began to age, fall off, the absorption rate decreased rapidly.Tube