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The Epoxy Laminated Tube And The Laminated Rod

Aug 30, 2017

                The epoxy laminated tube and the laminated rod are manufactured by the dry-process hot Shan molding process. The adhesive tape is the same as the laminate tape. However, because the volume pressure is less than the laminating pressure, and after the roll after the solidification has been unloaded, so the adhesive tape requirements, soluble resin content and volatile content slightly higher.Laminated Tube

                Heating tube Core to 30~40℃, coating release agent. A small piece of adhesive tape (bottom cloth, primer cloth) is wrapped in the tube core by hand. The base cloth is about twice times as long as the circumference of the tube core. Roll up to two support rollers, put down the pressure roller (upper roller), tighten the tube core and idle two or three laps to make the bottom cloth roll tight. The glue, the end of the head on the hot roll of heat to soft hair bonding with the bottom cloth lap, lap length of 15~25mm, involved and sticking to the tube core up. Then drive slowly, winding normally and gradually speed up. At the same time, heating, pressurizing and giving the blanket a balanced tension.Laminated Tube

                 According to the Chinese Association of Epoxy Resin industry () experts, the volume to close to the requirements of the thickness of the slow speed, with the thickness of the card plate thickness of the wall to cut the tape immediately, continue to roll pressure a few laps to make the tape end sticky compaction. Lift up the roller, remove the tape has been rolled the tube core, you can be sent to bake curing room. High quality and size requirements of the laminated pipe, can be used to mold hot pressing curing. After curing after the natural cooling at room temperature for half an hour, the laminating pipe from the tube core off, after renovation is finished.Laminated Tube

                The forming of the laminated bar is basically the same as that of the laminating pipe. The core rods are thin, and the mandrel is pulled out immediately after the roll is finished, and then cured. It is better to use the die-pressing curing.Laminated Tube