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The Market Competition And Difference Of Polyfoil Tube

Jul 01, 2017

     Flexible waterproof casing because of the market's non-standard competition, at this stage is divided into GB and non-standard two, GB refers to the Ministry of construction related 02s 404 or 02s 312 standard Atlas selection and production, to flange thickness, wing ring thickness, pipe diameter and wall thickness have strict requirements. According to the design standard size production. Non-standard refers to the shape and approximate structure in accordance with the requirements of the Atlas, flange thickness, the thickness of the wing ring, pipe diameter and the thickness of the wall to make a difference in size, thereby reducing the weight, reduce costs. Strictly speaking, these are unqualified products, of course, the thickness and pipe wall to do a slightly lower size, can reduce the cost of the project will not affect the use, but to a certain extent the impact of performance.Polyfoil Tube
    Rigid difference: Flexible waterproof casing is generally suitable for piping through the wall where there is a vibration or strict waterproof requirements of the structure; rigid waterproof casing generally applicable to the pipeline through the walls of the general waterproof structure; flexible and rigid waterproof casing wall walls, such as in the case of non concrete should be replaced by concrete walls, and must be a times the casing solidification in the wall, waterproof casing in construction, chemical, steel, water, sewage treatment and other units. The rigid waterproof casing is the steel tube and the ring (the steel plate is made of the steel pipe), which is installed in the wall (mostly the concrete wall), used for general pipe wall, for wall waterproof; flexible waterproof casing In addition to the external wing ring, and the inside of the stalls and the like, Frannes, there is a complete set of sold, can also be used for their own processing, for the need for damping pipes, such as and water pump connected pipe through the wall. In other words, if you consider the waterproof properties of both sides of the wall, you should choose flexible waterproof casing; If you only consider the wall of the pipe, without considering the wall, both sides of the walls waterproof performance and the displacement of the pipeline deformation, you can choose a rigid waterproof casing.Polyfoil Tube
     The rigid waterproof casing is suitable for the pipeline to wear the wall to not withstand the pipeline vibration and the telescopic deformation construction (constructs) constructs, applies to the pipeline to wear the wall Place limited space or the pipeline installment before constructs (constructs) the construction or the pipeline renewal. For areas with seismic fortification requirements, such as steel waterproof casing, flexible connections should be arranged near the wall of the wall or outside of the building. Type A is suitable for steel pipe, B, c type for ductile iron pipe and cast iron pipe.Polyfoil Tube
    This kind of polyethylene pipe pipeline not only corrosion-resistant also has a good health effect, improve the standard of drinking water, winter frost resistance is better. However, compared with the poor strength of the cast iron pipe, the ordinary impact can destroy the pipeline, which cannot be poured directly into the wall in the construction process. Compared to the pressure resistance of the steel pipe pressure polyethylene pipe, the small deformation or sinking of the foundation can cause the rupture of the pipeline, the aging of this pipeline is not stable generally different manufacturers of pipeline life. The use of the floor to increase the waterproof casing can be a good solution to these problems, can withstand the wall pressure on the pipeline to protect the internal polyethylene pipe. But in the external polyethylene pipe accident rupture can be very good disassembly pipeline, convenient repair pipeline.Polyfoil Tube