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Tube Material Development And Application

Oct 26, 2017

The development and application of modified MPP pipe materials provide a foundation for the technological revolution of modern plastic pipe industry. Engineering。 Compared with the traditional "trench-burying Method", non-excavation power pipe engineering more suitable for MPP pipe use modified polypropylene as the main raw materials, is not a large number of dredging, excavation and destruction of road surface, roads, railways, buildings, river bed and other special areas laying pipelines, cables and other construction should be before the environmental requirements Tube

In addition to the dust, traffic jams and other disturbing factors caused by traditional construction, this technology can also be used to show pipelines in areas where excavation operations are not possible, such as monument Reserves, downtown areas, crop and farmland reserves, highways, rivers, etc.Tube The modified MPP pipe material is mainly used in the production of power cable sheath, construction to the drainage pipe, such as excavation and trenchless pipe, the modified MPP pipe material for the substrate using a special formula and processing technology to create a new MPP plastic pipe, with high strength, good moisture resistance, easy to wear and put cable, simple construction, saving the use of a series of advantages. A certain length of tapered tube or a tapered tube should be used to change the pipe cross-section. For three or four-pass can be set diversion baffle. General diameter d smaller curved pipe, reasonable use of curvature radius r, can reduce resistance.Tube

The centerline of the two pipes connected by the concentric reducer is in a straight line, it is mainly used in vertical pipelines. Eccentric reducer is more used on horizontal pipeline. With Straight Edge segment reducer, GB12459 (dn20x15~500~300) is made from seamless steel tube, without straight side segment reducer, Gb/ti. MOI (dn350x300~1200x1000) is made from steel or steel strips. Large diameter pipe connection with different diameter joint use steel plate or steel strip to make the price cheap, economic good but without the straight-edged section of the joint, the weld groove of the Zibbi with straight edge section of the reducer to be difficult.Tube 

In the small-caliber pipe (DN50 below), It is also common to use the reducer to replace the reducer to make the pipe diameter. The short section of the reducer also has concentric and eccentric points.Tube