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You Know Tube Technology.

Sep 27, 2017

      The specification of cast iron pipes and fittings shall conform to the design pressure requirements, the pipe wall thick uniform, smooth and neat inside and outside, no sand holes, cracks, burrs and bumps; the inner and outer diameters and fittings of the socket should be shaped, and the anti-corrosion coating on the inner and outer surfaces should be neat and uniform. Tube

     Pipe and pipe fittings should be factory certificate. Galvanized carbon steel pipe and pipe fittings of the specifications should be in line with the design requirements, both inside and outside the wall galvanized uniform, no rust, no flying thorn. Pipe fittings without partial buckle, disorderly buckle, wire buckle or angle is not allowed. Pipe and pipe fittings should be factory certificate.Tube

     Valve specifications should conform to the design requirements, hot water system valves meet the temperature requirements. Valve body casting rules, smooth surface, no cracks, switch flexible, close tight, packing seal intact without leakage, the handwheel intact without damage, there is factory certification. The laying of underground pipelines must be filled or dug to the bottom elevation of the core of the room, clean up along the pipe laying position, the pipe wall has left the pipe hole or installed casing, the hole size and casing specifications meet the requirements, the coordinates, the elevation is correct.Tube

     The concealed piping should be installed before the trench Gaigou lid or ceiling is closed, and the steel bracket shall be installed and meet the requirements. The installation of the installation layer must be done after the erection of the structure roof. Along the pipeline installation location of the template and debris clean up, the lifting card has been installed firmly, the correct location. Tube

    The riser installation shall be carried out after the main structure is completed. After the main structure reaches the installation condition, the high-rise building is inserted properly. Each layer should have a clear elevation line, dark installed vertical pipe, should be in the shaft of the template and debris clean, and have to prevent falling measures.Tube